International Exotic Pole Competition

Competition begins in

28.04.2024. 20:00



Tickets available online & at Kerempuh Theater

Rules & Regulations

Exotic pole art competition divided into 3 categories:

  • Amateur
  • Professional / Elite
  • Doubles & Groups

All competitors must be over 18 years of age on the day of qualifications

Stage will feature 2 poles, each 4 meters high, with a minimum distance of 2 meters between them. From the audience's POV, the static pole will be on the left & the spinning pole on the right side of the stage

Choreography requirements:

  • Equal use of both poles
  • Routine must be performed in high heels
  • Kneepads are allowed
  • Routine should last between 3 & 3 ½ minutes
  • Main tricks performed must be held for 2 seconds on the static pole or 1 full rotation on the spinning pole
  • Main tricks must be executed from the correct angle or position in relation to the judges panel
  • Props are allowed (setup & cleanup time is limited to 1 minute)
  • Inappropriate touching of one's intimate areas is prohibited
  • Stripping out of parts of costume is allowed, but all intimate areas must remain covered
  • Knee high/thigh high boots and materials that provide a grip advantage (sticky leggings, etc.) are prohibited. Dry hands solution, magnesium, etc. are allowed.
  • Music must begin & end with choreography
  • The music's lyrics must not contain any racially, politically, nationally or otherwise offensive themes & words


First time competitors without prior wins in amateur categories of other competitions

Routines must not contain any deadlifts, flips, flags & other advanced elements that require extreme flexibility (Spatchcock, Russian split, etc.)


Competitors with prior wins in amateur categories of other competitions or who satisfy elite category requirements

Routines must include each of the following:

  • One aerial deadlift (grip by choice)
  • One flexy combo (combining 2 or more elements with splits of at least 180° or superior back flexibility)
  • One power combo (combining 2 or more advanced elements on pole)
  • One power spin on static pole (eg. Phoenix spin)


Routines must include:

  • One power combo
  • One joint or synchronized drop


Deadline - 24.02.2024. 23:59:59 CET

Competitors should showcase their skillset in an unedited video with a duration between 90s to 2 minutes

The video link (Youtube / Vimeo link) and application message should be sent via the contact form and the video should be unlisted.

The application message should contain the following information for all participants:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of residence
  • Competition category

Qualification results - 26.02.2024.

Competition fees:

  • 40€ solo competitors
  • 60€ doubles & groups

The fees are paid on the day of competition

Apply here


Villa Di Blu


Main prize for overall winning performance is 3 nights for 4 people in luxury Villa di Blu in Novi Vinodolski, Croatia

Prize can be redeemed from 20.05. - 30.06. or 01.09. - 08.10.2024.
Overall value of the prize is 700€.


Nikolina Jurišić


Nikolina is owner of S Fitness Studio in Pula, Croatia since 2011.

  • Organizer of Pole Theatre Croatia 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Organizer of Pole Theatre Italy 2016
  • Organizer of Croatia Pole Camp since 2014
  • Organizer of Pole Battle Adria 2015
  • Secretary in Croatian Pole Dance Federation since 2014
  • General Secretary in IPSAF 2016-2017
  • Editor of Pole Harmony, specialized Pole magazine

International Pole Dance judge since 2014:

  • National Croatian pole championship in Zagreb 2012
  • International World Pole Sports Championship in London in 2014
  • Pole Stars competition in Prague, October 2014
  • Art of Pole competition in Ljubljana, November 2014
  • Pole Battle League in Prague, December 2014
  • Pole Art in Switzerland, January 2015
  • IPSF National championship in Geneva, January 2015
  • Pole Battle Adria League in Zagreb, February 2015
  • National Pole Sports Championship in Italy, May 2015
  • Crese Cup, Trieste, Italy, June 2015
  • video entries Pole Art Spain, June 2015
  • International World Pole Sports Championship in London, July 2015
  • Art of Pole Dance, Ljubljana, November 2015
  • video entries Pole Theatre UK & Ireland, December 2015
  • Swiss Pole Art Championship, Geneve, April 2016
  • Swiss Pole Sport Championship, Geneve, April 2016
  • Czech Pole Sport Championship, Prague, May 2016, Head Judge
  • Italian Pole Sport Championship, Ancona, May 2016


Maja Pirc


Maja is a self learned pole artist and one of the most inovative pole dancers in Europe and worldwide.

By creating new shapes and combinations, she inspires dancers and enriches our sport.

She started her pole dance career in 2012 and is the founder of Pole dance studio M - the biggest pole studio in Slovenia, that has been educating dancers of all ages for 7 years already.

She is known for her breathtaking performances and a beautiful balance between flexibility, strength and elegance of movement. Before pole dancing she did competitive Rhytmic Gymnastic for 7 years. Beside that she also did whole lots of other sports such as Athletics, Hip Hop, Kickboxing... You may also know Maja from reality show Survivor (Slovenia) where she took a place in finals.


Morana Gatulin


Morana is professional pole dancer, instructor, choreographer & owner of Mighty "M" Station dance studio in Zagreb, Croatia.

She has been pole dancing since 2008. and is an Exotic Pole Dance pioneer in this region of world.
She has a deep experience in teaching & choreographing pole dancing from absolute beginner level to profesional performer level.

She is a pole dance instructor actively teaching pole dancing for over 13 years & exotic pole dance for over 9 years, organizing workshops for both amateurs & professionals.

For 7 years she was professional pole dance performer at world class events & brands like Playboy, Coca-Cola, Burn and others. She also performed as dancer at Ultra Europe & Amber Lounge Formula 1 after party in Monaco.


Tina Perko


Tina is a pole dance performer, founder of first pole dance studio in Slovenia & pole dance competition judge.

She is owner of Studio Mademoiselle in Ljubljana, Slovenia

She has been pole dancing since 2010, pole dance instructor & performer since 2012.

  • The Art of Pole Dance Slovenia 2014. - organizer
  • The Art of Pole Dance Slovenia 2015. - organizer
  • Pole Battle Adria 2015. - judge
  • Pole Theater Croatia 2015. - judge
  • Pole Freak Championship 2016. - judge


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